Se ecra


Se’ecra strongly resemble large sentient beetles (some Humans call them “scarabs”), though with just two legs and arms. They evolved from gathering herbivore ancestors, but occasionally eat meat products as exotic flavorings. They can’t fly, though they do have vestigial wings used for heat regulation and signaling. Their tough shells give them good protection, and they have a keen sense of smell. Se’ecra can’t speak; they communicate by wing flutters, gestures, and scent combinations. The name “Se’ecra” (singular, Ecra), bestowed on them by the Se-lag, means approximately “wing-speakers.” Most Se’ecra use Se-lag names when dealing with beings who speak.

Among aliens, Se’ecra carry portable computers that translate their methods of communication to speech. Se’ecra are hermaphrodites and lay eggs in large cluster. Doting parents, they tend their young carefully through a ten-year larval stage in which they are nothing but mindless eating machines. Despite their best efforts, only a few larvas survive to maturity. Off Ecrashen, they fertilize and incubate single eggs artificially. Adult Se’ecra have a relatively short lifespan- originally only 30 years after the change to adulthood, though advanced medicine has extended that to 50 years. This tends to make them reluctant to waste time, so they maintain an exhausting pace of activity. They are extremely curious, and under their leadership the Conjoined Civilizations carries on an ambitious program of interstellar exploration. They have highly advanced technology (late ATRI 11, verging into 12 in some fields) and excel at pure research.


The Se’ecra come from the planet Ecra-shen, a warm, Earthlike world with extensive forests and an impressive ring system (early Se’ecra believed the rings were the homes of the gods; today, they simply admire them for their beauty). They have settled in many other star systems, favoring ambitious terraforming projects and large space habitats rather than colonizing lifebearing planets.


The Se’ecra are the dominant species of the Conjoined Civilization Republic, which makes them major players in galactic politics. They regard themselves as among the most advanced and virtuous species in the Galaxy, which leads to a sort of arrogance that often grates on other species. Se’ecra have a not-undeserved reputation as meddlers in the affairs of others. They consider other species as so many helpless grubs they must protect and guid to “adulthood.” They have no doubt their own ways are the best and most enlightened, and believe it would be highly immoral to deny others the benefit of their knowledge and help. Some of their “projects”- including the creation of the religion Chet’rar- have undoubtedly benefitted many worlds and species; the results of others are mixed. Thanks to their advanced technology and sophisticated society, most Se’ecra enjoy a life of ease. They work at creative or scientific pursuits, leaving the manufacturing and heavy labor to robots, automated facilities, or other species. Because they have such highly-developed senses of taste and smell, they’ve developed a varied and elaborate cuisine. Se’ecra restaurants exist throughout the Galaxy (even in Varanyi space!), attracting patrons from all walks of life.


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