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  • Gamma Weapons

    Terran Gamma Weapons

    GR-01 Gamma Rifle MKI

    (Total: 77 Active Cost, 20 Real Cost) Energy Blast 6d6 (vs. ED), 32 Charges (), No Normal Defense (1) (67 Active Points); STR

  • Grenades

    Terran Grenades

    Terran Empire soldiers use a wide variety of grenades, only a few of which are described here. Some are not necessarily significantly more effec tive than their twenty-first century counterparts just much smaller,

  • EMP Weapons

    Terran EMP Weapons

    EMP Grenade

    Dispel Electrical Powers 10d6, Explosion (-1 DC/2"; ), All Powers Simultaneously (2) (112 Active Points); 1 Charge (-2),

  • Other Firearms

    Other Firearms

    Hand Flamer

    Killing Attack Ranged 3d6 (vs. ED), Area Of Effect (10" Cone; +1) (90 Active Points); OAF (-1), STR Minimum 10 (STR

  • Weapon Modifications

    Terran Targeting Systems

    Type 1 Targeting Computer

    1 versus Range Modifiers, Not Cumulative With Inherent Weapon Bonuses (0) (3 Active Points); OAF (-1), Real Weapon (-), Only Works With Terran

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