Flying Probe


Simliar to the Flying probe in the movie Promethoues. Advanced scouting device to check and map out areas, recording video/audio, range finder, All information is relayed back to users wireless or hardwire on return of flight.

Recharge/Reuse: 1 hour?

Size: Tiny, Medium, Large.

Tiny: Reduces avaible slots but allows for reduced detection and noise.
Size: Relative to Basketball
Armor: (light) up to level 2.
Weapon Slots: 1 (static stun discharge only) (device is rendered shutdown till user retrieves?)
Optic Ports: 3
Engine: Up to level 2
Acessory slots: 1
Trasmitter: 1 (Hardened)

Size: Relative to a Yogaball
Armor: (Medium) up to level 3.
Weapon Slots: 2
Optic Ports: 2
Engine: Min. level 2 up to 4
Acessory slots: 2
Trasmitter: 2 (Reg) one retained in shell for back up.

Large: Cannot be cloaked.
Size: Relative to a 60 inch Tv that is a Ball
Armor: (Heavy) up to level 5.
Weapon Slots: 4
Optic Ports: 3
Engine: Min. level 4 up 7
Acessory slots: 4
Trasmitter: 4 total (2 Reg) two retained in shell for back up.

Future Upgrades:
Auto AI targeting (targets without becons are enemies unless user input designate target)
Grenade slots,
Reduced heat signature,

Cloaking: I

Device is able to cloak for “X” minutes.

Cloaking: II
Improved nano-tech for more of a charge to be help + “X” cloaked minutes
Weapon Slot I


Rough Draft.


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