Juno Lynx

Ex-Con with nothing better to fight for.

The breath mask fit tight across my nose and mouth, suffocating while simultaneously allowing me to breathe. I probably would have ripped it off, but my arms were cuffed behind my back. I would’ve run, but my feet were manacled together, and to the poor dumb bastards in front of and behind me.

“Keep moving, scum,” a man in uniform barked at us as we lumbered along the scuffed yellow line in the gravel.
I looked up at the sky; it was a bright, blinding day. The star was yellow, and loomed large in the chalk-white sky. I squinted, and lowered my gaze to the horizon. A fence, topped with barbed wire but rusted and holed in places stood a lazy guard about the complex. At one time it might have been a vigilant defense, but now it was just a reminder of your lot in life.
Prisoner. Locked up and forgotten in some backwater part of the galaxy, on a world so undesirable and unknown to so many that they didn’t even bothering fixing the damn fence that was supposed to bar the convicts from escaping. Where were we going to run to anyways?
Jericho Imperial Penitentiary was built squarely at the ass end of the galaxy on a world so worthless that it didn’t even have a proper name. HD 299321 was all it was called on the few starmaps that it was even listed on. But for me, I’d be calling it “home” for as long as I could survive the toxic atmosphere, the dangerous mines below, and the deadly prison nights.
Life in prison. Life. Not something that really makes you want to get up in the morning, but it was worth it.
I could still feel the hot spray of blood on my face as the knife struck home, severing the first man’s cartorid artery before I flipped the blade and slid it into the second man’s eye socket. It was dirty work, but it was necessary. They screamed as the blood poured out of them, their lives spilling out onto the steel floor before their bodies slumped down in the pools.
I didn’t regret a second of it, not a second, up until the girl found us. The girl. That goddamned girl! She should have never been there, should have never found me. Should have just turned and left well enough alone. But no, she had to go and scream and ruin everything.
I did what I had to do. What had to be done. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. But only because it had to be done.
Of course, there was still more to be done. I had forfeited my life to the Empire long before the judge had decided as much, but I wasn’t going to be spending it behind these fences, digging out plutonium or whatever radioactive slag out of the ground.
It might take a while. A year, two, ten, twenty. It didn’t matter. I was going to find a way out of here one day, and I was going to finish the job I had set out to do. One way or another.

The guard shoved me, grumbling to himself. He couldn’t see it, but beneath my face mask I smiled at him.

Juno Lynx

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