Chupa de Aba

Those red eyes you see in dark...yeah that's me....


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It was cold dark rainy night on my home planet. I was telling the story of our great-grandparnets to my younger siblings around a fire I built from the Qa-Qit can. My parents were out scavenging for food in the desolation that was left of our precious world from the humans. From what our father said, we had attacked them while we were to colonizing toward the galactic core. Such a prudent mistake my race made… so many lives lost. But we will rise again I said proudly we strike them with the fury that we have for the Perseids. As we looked up at the sky we couldn’t help but notice all the bright stars that were out. And they seemed to be getting closer… Boom-clash-boom as orbital bombard were coming down from the stars. We huddled in fear under the shelter our parnets had erected. Our bright red eyes reflecting the fire and horror that was becoming to our world. A loud hissing sound came from behind us and then everything went black. When I awoke I was under a pile of rubble and I could see into the streets. Hazeel kneeling down…before rows of Perseid laser-rifle men. A taller than normal Perseid dressed in fine uniform was barking orders to the crews on the other side while he walked toward Hazeel. I noticed my parents were the last two on the row closest to me. An order was given and shots rang out toward the the crowd. Screams and echos of the horror soon feel silent. I dashed out from the rubble and to my parents. My parnets gone. I gripped my father plasma knife…I felt the presence of someone towering over me. And he said come now with the rest of the children…I turned and saw a ship on the ground with lines of Hazeel in cuffs being forced onto a ship. I gripped the knife slashed out toward the Perseid officer face and knicked him over his cheek to above his brow. I soon feel a sharp pain in my stomach and feel to the ground. He seemed to be smiling at me as my blood dripped of his blade. "Did you think you could kill me little Hezeel…he began to laugh manically as he pulled out a small knife are started to crave his intials into the palms of my hands. “May be in due time you might but not today…” he smiled and I blacked out.

Chupa de Aba

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