Pre-Imperial History

2075: Solar Age begins with establishment of the first Lunar City, “Serenity City”, located in the Serenity Valley.

2094: United Nations is dissolved, and replaced by the United Earth Senate.

2104: Colony Act is passed.

2143: First Spacer is created, and over the next few years becomes mass- produced.

2149: First portable fusion plants created.

2175: Scientist quantifiably measure human psionic abilities for the first

2203: Solar Age ends with the development of the first Hyperdrive.

2214: First extra-solar colony established on Alpha Centauri IV.

2253: First formal contact made with an extra-terrestrial civilization, dubbed the Perseids.

2259: Contact made with another, smaller ET civilization named the Jhinu.

2260: Contact made with yet another small ET civilization, named the Hrac’darase. Also, the Severson-Yu Law is passed, known as the “Save Yourself” law, requiring each Senate World to be responsible for their own protection, and their colonies.

2268: The Conjoined Civilizations Republic makes contact and establishes an exploratory embassy.

2280: Beta Hyperdrive developed, making faster-than-light travel even more accessible.

2296: Count Soryyam Mattel from Cephardi motions to dissolve the senate, and is supported by a majority vote. Despite this, the motion was “illegitimate and spurious”. Many historians mark this as the end of the United Earth and the Senate, in spirit if not in fact.

2301: Deep-space exploration vessel Cassandra enters Xenovore space and is captured. The crew is interrogated, and consumed after revealing the coordinates for Terran space.

2303: On June 3, at 0200 hours (Terran GMT), the Xenovore make planetfall on the Colony World of Chabrabdrah’s Gift. Within 24 hours, the Xenovore control the planet, then “grow” transport ships using bio-nanites. Within a month, they pack 75% of the population onto the transport ships and send them back to the Empire as tribute. The remaining population is used to provision the attacking force. On December 27, the Xenovore make planetfall on Paco’s Retreat.

2305: The Militarized Zone is created. The MZ is 6,000 light-years wide and 1,000 light-years deep, serving as a buffer between the Xenovore home worlds and the United Earth.

2329: Three of the wealthiest Human worlds (Brentara VII, Deneb, and Xi Vorcan) lead a multitude of the wealthier worlds in seceding from the UE, forming the Spinward Union.

2330: Fleet Admiral Joseph Krutch appointed as First Magistrate, with the Senate voluntarily giving up their power to him, becoming merely an advisory council.

2333: The Antispinward Treaty Organization forms in response to the Xenovore invading fleet.

2336: The Civil War begins.

2339: The Xenovore Armada arrives in Human space.

2340: The Civil War, which had been a cold war up to this point, erupts into a hot war when on February 14, a small task force of starships from the SU’s Liberty Fleet enter the Sol system and proceed to Earth. Maintaining orbit around the planet, the starships bombard three of the major population centers: the heart of UE media and entertainment in Calipolis; the weapons research and development zones in Nihon; and the capital district in the Boswash metro. The bombing took place while the Senate was in session, killing all in attendance.

2345: The real Xenovore offensive begins.

2353: The Xenovore arrive in the Sol system. The battle for Earth lasts for eighteen months and includes both space bombardment of the planet and ground fighting between Xenovore and Human troops. Magistrate Krutch refuses to send reinforcements, leaving Earth’s planetary defense forces to contain the Xenovore, intending to let the Xenovore do the dirty work of eliminating the remaining vocal opposition to his rule. Only the coming of Admiral Zhukov in 2355 saves Earth.

2354: Krutch is assassinated by unknown parties while on a tour of the planets in the Polaris system.

2355: Admiral Zhukov leads a force of five of the newly commissioned Liberty- class dreadnoughts against the Xenovore fleet attacking Earth, defeating them. Also, just prior to this (and vital to the creation of the Liberty class), was the invention of antigravity technology.

Pre-Imperial History

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